Friday, November 07, 2008

Metro Discount From Bus to Rail

Lena Sun of the Washington Post is reporting that, "beginning next year, tens of thousands of Metro riders who transfer from bus to rail will save 50 cents a trip if they use electronic SmarTrip cards, officials said yesterday. The long-promised change is scheduled to go into effect Jan. 4, the same day the agency is eliminating paper transfers."

This makes me happy. Bus fares are going up 25 cents in January, but now I'll end up saving 25 cents each day because of the 50-cent (you can find him in da club) transfer reduction.

Well, maybe not. According to this chart, I'm only going to save 10 cents a day. Now I'm slightly confused, which really doesn't take much to occur.

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Messiah said...

Yeah, it's very deceptive to say it's a 50-cent reduction, since it's being coupled with a 40-cent hike on the return trip. It's basically just their way of balancing out the discount between bus-to-rail trips and rail-to-bus trips. NYC is nice in that you get a FREE bus trip when transferring rail-to-bus. None of this 75 cents bullshit. If you really want to increase the use of public transit (and I'm not sure that they do, seeing how it's at capacity, at least in DC), they should be charging less and less, not more and more. President Obama, make it so.