Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trivia Tuesday

Welcome to the pre-Thanksgiving version of Trivia Tuesday. Today’s challenge is to name the "dark" title from the description. (The quotes mean that the word dark is in the title.)

1. Series of 7 Stephen King books.

2. 1982 Jim Henson/Frank Oz fantasy film featuring animatronic puppets.

3. 1998 sci-fi film starring Jennifer Connelly, Kiefer Sutherland, William Hurt, and Rufus Sewell.

4. 1985 Grammy-winning song for Bruce Springsteen

5. 2008 movie that is the second highest-grossing movie of all time.

6. 1996 film about lion hunters, starring Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer.

7. 2000 first-person-shooter video game for Ninetendo 64.

8. 2005 horror film starring Jennifer Connelly, a remake of a Japanese movie of the same name.

9. 2000-02 Fox series starring Jessica Alba.

10. 1990 film starring Liam Neeson, directed by Sam Raimi.

As always, please do not use the internet for the answers. Either you know it or you don’t. Please leave your answers in the comments section below. Good luck!

Thanks to the fine folks at Stump Trivia for creating these quizzes.


Gilahi said...

2. "The Dark Crystal"
4. "On The Dark Side"

That's the best I can do this time. I feel so inadequate.

Brendon said...

1. After Dark?
5. Dark Knight
6. The Ghost and the Darkness
7. Perfect Dark

Brendon said...

8. Dark Water

rachaelgking said...

You know what you've made me realize?

I suck at trivia.

Sean said...

Gilahi - Yes on #2, but #4 is incorrect.

Hand of Godard - 5-8 are all correct. #1 is not.

This is definitely tougher than the other recent trivia Tuesday quizzes.

LiLu - I'm sure that you're great at trivia for topics that are in your wheelhouse. Apparently, "dark" titles isn't one of those! :)

So we're still looking for 1, 3, 4, 9 & 10.

Anonymous said...

1. Dark Tower
3. Dark City
9. Dark Angel
10. Dark Man

Anonymous said...

Oh, and 4. Dancing in the Dark

Sean said...

Yes. Thanks for finishing this off, Christian.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!