Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gender Analyzer

If you have a blog, here's a fun website to try. Enter your web address and the Gender Analyzer will determine whether the author is a man or woman.

According to the analyzer, they think that Sean's Ramblings is written by a man (74%). I figured the number would be much higher as I don't know of any woman who would wait over 5 hours to earn free burritos for a year!

If the pregnant man had a blog, would the Gender Analyzer break?


Gilahi said...

Wow... this is pretty embarrassing. Gender Analyzer seems to feel that I'm really in touch with my feminine side. The only saving grace I can come up with is that their polling page says they're only right 52% of the time. In short, it's about the same as if they flipped a coin.

Sean said...

They're only right 52% of the time? That's no fun.

Gilahi said...

Well, I checked again and it was 54%. Not much better.