Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Ramblings

• There are moments of everyone’s life that you regret but they are generally not broadcast for millions of people to see. One such moment occurred on Monday’s The Price Is Right. The episode was taped in September and a college student made it on the stage. Just before spinning the wheel, Drew Carey gave the student, who was wearing a "Block O" Ohio State T-shirt and a buckeye necklace, the microphone. The student shared his excitement about how Ohio State would beat USC the next day. USC crushed Ohio State 35-3. At least the guy won a vacuum cleaner or something.

• I highly recommend visiting Wegmans at 2:00pm on a Monday afternoon. No lines and the friendly staff are even friendlier than they are on Sundays.

• Embarrassed by the thousands of Steelers’ Terrible Towels at the game last week, the Redskins are giving away burgundy towels to the first 50,000 fans at this Sunday’s Dallas game. Good luck with that!

• PittGirl was interviewed via Instant Message in Pittsburgh magazine. I love the fact that the interview starts with "Hi, u there?" I’m guessing that’s how Paul Long started all of his interviews!

• Thank you, Anquan Boldin. Being down 17 points going into Monday night and facing Neil Rackers in my 16-team fantasy football league, Boldin scored 29 points. I won by only 1 point.

• This Onion story titled "Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin To Staff: 'What If Ben Roethlisberger Is Bad?'" is not that funny after Sunday’s game.

• Finally, Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog reports that George Mason is getting a new mascot. In case you have never seen the current mascot, Gunston, here he is answering questions. (There are more videos still available on the Mason Metro website.)

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