Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What NFL Team Does Sarah Palin Support

I have a problem with Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and it has nothing to do with her political views.* Perhaps you saw the three second clip of Palin jogging in a Donovan McNabb Philadelphia Eagles jersey. (If not, the video is below at the 3:11 mark and a picture is on the right.) First of all, besides actual football players, who actually jogs wearing a football jersey? Wouldn’t a T-shirt or Under Armor shirt be more comfortable?

Let’s assume that because Pain is wearing a McNabb jersey in the video, she has some type of affinity for the Eagles. Does she only support the Eagles? Well, when I wrote last month that Joe Biden is a Steelers fan, Captain Easychord shared a July 2007 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article which showed that Palin is also a Steelers fan. So is she a Steelers fan, an Eagles fan, or both? This is where things get even more complex. Sarah Palin is also a member of the official Seattle Seahawks official fan club, the Seahawkers.** Super Bowl XL must have been tough for her since two of her favorite teams were playing against each other.

So my question is this: what football team does Sarah Palin support? Get Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric on this immediately. I think this should be part of Thursday’s Vice Presidential debate. Palin must come clean on her favorite NFL team. Having two or three favorite teams is unacceptable and certainly not something I or most if not all Americans want to see in a potential President or Vice President.

The picture and video are courtesy of CBS via The 700 Level.

* Well, actually I do have a problem with some of her political views, but that is not the point of this post. By the way, I like having footnotes at the bottom of my posts. I can see why lacochran does this so often!

** What a terrible name!

Update: After I wrote all of this, I found that Modern Jackass Magasin wrote something similar about Palin’s fandom. This just confirms the need for Governor Palin to show her true colors (black and gold; blue/navy, green and white; green and white; or possibly even something else)!


lacochran said...

Embrace the footnoteocity that you feel.*

*Shut up! It is so a word.


Anonymous said...

Sean, funny you should ask about running in something more comfortable. There is a guy on my street that runs every morning in a pair of Umbros and this, a button down dress shirt! How could that possibly be comfortable. Not to mention it looks like the same shirt, so either he washes it daily or it can't smell too good!

Kim likes to drive past and yell Umbros when he's out of ear shot!

Sean said...

lacochran - If you write that something is a word, it must be a word!

Paul - A button down dress shirt? That makes no sense at all. Oh, I can definitely see Kim yelling at the guy!

Cotter said...

You're right on point, Sean. I feel that this kind of information is vital to swaying my vote. Well, actually, I'm not voting for McCain anyhow, but at least have your shit I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Side question, raised due to the name of the Seattle Seahawk fan club - if you're from Pittsburgh, 'hawker' is another term for a 'loogy'. Is this term used outside Pittsburgh as well? A restaurant opened up here in Ann Arbor called Hawkers Deli. No one would EVER open up a restaurant with that name in Pittsburgh.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Hawkers Deli? Ugh. Only if you want some greasy biker cook hawking a loogie into your chili. Grotesque. What an awful name for a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

she doesnt care about the NFL she is a hockey mom

Anonymous said...

well, it almost certainly has something to do with that ticket shamelessly trying to get PA voters. just like Barack rooting shamelessly against my dodgers and supporting the Phillies.

The Final Line NFL Handicapping said...

A better question would be more general - does it matter what sports teams politicians support? Or, if they did say they supported a team would we even believe them? If they're campaigning in Pennsylvania they'll support the Steelers, if they're in Iowa they're for... uhh whoever plays in Iowa!