Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Trivia Tuesday

I’m back from an amazing trip to Jacksonville, but after only getting 3 hours of sleep on Sunday night/Monday morning and coming back to a conference for work, I don’t have the time yet to write about the trip and the Steelers game. I’ll try to share my thoughts and adventures from the Steelers game tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s another quiz created by the folks at Stump Trivia since I’m not creative enough to create my own questions. Your challenge is to name the FILM from the character and year it won a Golden Globe for Best Movie.

1. 2008 – Briory Tallis
2. 2007 – Richard Jones
3. 2006 – Ennis Del Mar
4. 2005 – Howard Hughes
5. 2004 – Samwise Gamgee
6. 2003 – Virginia Woolf
7. 2002 – John Nash
8. 2001 – Emperor Commodus
9. 2000 – Lester Burnham
10. 1999 – James Ryan

As always, please do not use the internet for the answers. Either you know it or you don’t. Please leave your answers in the comments below. Good luck!


nichole said...

1. - Atonement
2. - Crash (??)
3. - Brokeback Mountain
4. - The Aviator
5. - Lord of the Rings (ROTK?)
6. - The Hours
7. - A Beautiful Mind
8. - Gladiator
9. - American Beauty
10. - ??

Sean said...

Nicely done Nichole! We should have found a trivia place in Columbus!

#2 is incorrect (and in my opinion, the hardest one of these) but a great guess. So we are still looking for #2 and #10.

Paul said...

Would #10 be Saving Private Ryan?

Sean said...

Paul - You are correct!

For #2, feel free to use the internet to find the answer. This is a tough one.

Anonymous said...

babel- brad pitt's character. michael clayton was so much better than atonement.

Messiah said...

I agree, Jason. Clearly, George Clooney needed to add a few more c-words to his monologues.

nichole said...

Ah - Babel. I was having such a hard time remembering the movies from that year.