Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Links

Here are some outstanding links to get you to the weekend:

If you’re on Facebook, join the Sean’s Ramblings blog network.

In honor of its 10th birthday, Google has brought back its oldest available index from January 2001. As a comparison, a search for Ben Roethlisberger using the old version gets 602 results; a search for Ben Roethlisberger today brings about 1,420,000 results!

I was again honored to be a part of One for the Other Thumb’s weekly Meeting People is Easy.

What was the #1 song on the day you were born or the day you graduated from high school? Check out this website to find out. (h/t Jane Doe)

Inspired by this week’s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs countdown on VH1 (which I have been watching), Hugging Harold Reynolds took this year’s eight baseball playoff teams in relation to songs on the countdown.

Think you know Pittsburgh. Take the Post-Gazette’s Pittsburgh 250 quiz.

Mystery Man (in writing his first post in 3+ months) thinks that the Pirates should hire Phil Elson, a graduate of Allderdice High School and Point Park College, to replace the retired Lanny Frattare

I received an email from Jocelyn of Rotohog who feels that besides being a Steelers, Eagles and Seahawks fan, Sarah Palin may also be a Redskins fan based on this video:

I’m heading to Jacksonville this afternoon to attend the Steelers-Jaguars game on Sunday night. If you’re at the game, I’ll be the guy wearing a Louis Lipps jersey.


Gilahi said...

Personally, I think Sarah Palin and George Clinton would be a great ticket. Better yet, Michael Palin and George Clinton.

Sean said...

I'd vote for a Michael Palin/George Clinton ticket!