Friday, October 17, 2008

Short Vacation

I’m heading to Asheville, North Carolina where I may or may not see Jennifer Thornburg, who has legally changed her name to Cutout to protest animal dissections in schools. For some reason, I can’t imagine her taking a tour of the Biltmore with us.

Here are some other links to entertain you while I’m away:

Puck Daddy breaks down beer costs throughout the NHL. Just for the record, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a $4.50 beer at the Verizon Center.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who will always be known as Zack Morris, chats on about Saved by the Bell, his new show and his new hair.

PSAMP (Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies) found an awesome commercial of the KDKA sports team from at least 15 years ago.

A pole dance exercise studio has been permitted in Butler County, PA. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there will be no nudity at the studio, and no spectators.

Troy Polamalu speaks out about the recent fines against the Steelers.

Finally, here is a link where you can compare neighborhoods in one city to another. For example, Stanton Heights in Pittsburgh is like Friendship Heights, Brentwood or Brightwood in DC.


Gilahi said...

Congrats on being cited in "The Express". Not sure if it was yesterday or today, but you're out there, baby.

Mystery Man said...

for some reason I can't figure out why McKees Rocks is not in there.

Sean said...

Gilahi - Thanks for the message. It was a very nice surprise to open the Express on the Metro and see my blog listed.

MM - McKees Rocks wasn't listed at all?

captaineasychord said...

shadyside (!) wasn't listed either... that said, I did a little first impression comparisons between DC and pittsburgh and posted 'em over at my new home...