Thursday, December 21, 2006

Songs with States in the Title

During last week's road trip, we were trying to think of songs with states in the title. There are many songs with California and New York (even though many New York songs are about New York City), so we skipped these states. Here's what we came up with (please note that I looked up some of these when I returned):

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Pennsylvania Polka – Andrews Sisters (I had to look up the artist)
Carolina in My Mind – James Taylor (this could count for either North or South Carolina)
Mississippi Queen – Mountain (I had to look this up too)
Kentucky Woman – Neil Diamond
Tennessee – Arrested Development
Country Roads – John Denver (West Virginia isn't actually in the title, but I'll give "West Virginia, Mountain Momma" the benefit of the doubt.)
Stop in Nevada – Billy Joel
Ohio – Neil Young
Georgia on My Mind – Ray Charles
Blue Hawaii – Elvis
New Mexico – Johnny Cash
Deep in the Heart of Texas - many versions including Perry Como and Bing Crosby
Nebraska – Bruce Springsteen

Since many of you are probably taking your own road trips for the holidays, try to think of some others. The only rule is that you can't use an official state song. For example, Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma" is the actual state song for Kansas (just seeing if you're paying attention).

Please feel free to add other songs you can think of in the comments.


Andy said...

G Love & Special Sauce has a new song called "Can't Go Back to Jersey." You can even watch him sing it live here:

Andy said...

Oh, and how about "Pennsylvania 6-5000" by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra?" And does the "Theme to Hawaii Five-O" count?

Christine said...

How about "Hotel Callifornia" (Eagles), "California Dreamin'" (The Mamas and the Papas), "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (Charlie Daniels Band), and "Midnight Train to Georgia" (Gladys Knight and the Pips).

Christine said...

oops - forgot about the "no California" for the list - sorry! How about the "Tennessee Waltz", "Sweet Rhode Island Red" (Tina Turner) and "Mississippi Girl" by Faith Hill instead.

Sean said...

New Jersey and Rhode Island are on the board! If the title of the Hawaii Five-O theme song is "Hawaii Five-O Theme Song" (or has Hawaii in the title), I would definitely could it.

Good suggestions!

Gobo said...

"Gary, Indiana" from the Music Man. Do showtunes count?

There's also Springsteen's "Jersey Girl," but I see Jersey is already on the board.

Anonymous said...

'Tennessee' by the Wreckers
'North Dakota' by Chris Knight
'God Bless Texas' Little Texas
'What about Georgia' Miranda Lambert
'Georgia Rain' Trisha Yearwood

Anonymous said...

'Three Great Alabama Icons' Drive By Truckers
'Carolina Rain' Ryan Adams

~Teala (I also forgot to lay claim to the five before this...J and I are thinking of our collection)

Sean said...

The judges (me) have decided that showtunes are acceptable, but you must identify the musical.

Teala - nice additions especially with North Dakota. I assume that Chris Knight is not Christopher Knight forever known as Peter Brady, right?

Teala said...

Sean, you are correct....Chris Knight is NOT Christopher Knight! I can only take credit for 4 of the additions, J came up with the rest.

Amy said...

What about 'Arizona' by Mark Lindsay (played frequently here)? Or 'Kentucky Rain' by Elvis?

Sean said...

Teala - Please thank J for the additions.

Amy - Arizona is now on the board.

Anonymous said...

My own private idaho -B-52's

Anonymous said...

I Live in Connecticut by the Pandora's Box set