Saturday, December 02, 2006

College Football Saturday

This Arkansas-Florida game is amazing. Whoever makes the least mistakes is going to win. I have only seen the third quarter since I watched the second half of the USC-UCLA game. In that time, Florida Quarterback Chris Leak (who I like) has thrown two interceptions, including one silly shuffle pass returned by an Arkansas defensive lineman for a touchdown; Florida coach Urban Meyer has used all three time outs; and the Arkansas punt returner decided to try an over-the-shoulder catch, which he drops on the 3 yard-line, and is recovered by Florida for a touchdown. What an ugly game!

I have been against an OSU-Michigan rematch, but after UCLA defeated USC today, I think it's going to happen. Even if Florida ends up winning against Arkansas, they don't deserve to play for the national championship.

I can't believe I'm even writing this. There should be a playoff system like there is for Division II and Division III college football.

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Christine said...

I don't know how ugly the game was, but the traffic around the GA World Congress Center was heinous. And why can't Gator fans understand what "don't walk" means? I almost ran over at least 10 people who were crossing through the CENTER of an intersection against traffic - they were too busy chanting and drinking - at 11 this morning!! Yikes!