Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Did you ever want to know how to say Sean’s Ramblings in other languages?
French: Ramblings de Sean
German: Ramblings Seans
Italian: Ramblings del Sean
Portuguese: Ramblings de Sean
Spanish: Ramblings de Sean

OK, Sean’s Ramblings doesn’t translate very well, but the Google Language Tool is pretty cool.

Thanks to everyone for providing names of songs with state titles. I actually found the following link with names of songs for all 50 states. It is typical that the list does not include a song with D.C. in the title.

This is a few days late, but Mondesi’s House has a fantastic list that ranks the best Pittsburgh athletes by uniform number. For example, Dave Parker narrowly edges out Willie Parker for the best Pittsburgh athlete who wore the number 39.

After driving 1345 miles on the hockey roadtrip, I have only put 35 miles on my car since I returned last Tuesday.

Yes, I’m still upset that I started Tim Rattay over Trent Green or David Garrard. I am also not very happy with Sammy Morris.

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