Monday, December 25, 2006

Fantasy Blues

I know that no one cares about hearing or reading about someone else’s fantasy football teams, but I need to vent. Thanks to LaDainian Tomlinson, I reached the championship game, which took place this weekend, in both leagues.

In my 16-team league, I have reached the championship game in three of the four years of the league’s existence. This year marks the third time in four years that I have LOST in the championship game! The worst part about this year is that I lost by two points.
Freakin’ Sammy Morris had a whopping 14 yards rushing and 23 yards receiving (3 total points) to give my opponent the victory. If I started Trent Green or David Garrard instead of Tim Rattay, I would have won. If I started the Cincinnati Bengals defense instead of the Jacksonville Jaguars defense, I would have won.

In my 10-team league, I lost in week #2 but have not lost since. Well, that was until I lost this week. I’m not that upset about this loss since I was soundly defeated. Congratulations to regular reader Messiah on his big win.

I think I may need to quit fantasy sports. I put so much time and energy into fantasy football and baseball and never win. Between various leagues, I have been in fantasy baseball and football leagues for the equivalent of about 30 seasons. That’s a long time without a championship. I feel like the Cleveland Browns! This is probably just frustration and the fact that I’m tired since I watched the end of the Dolphins-Jets game to see how Sammy Morris played. However, it may be more than frustration.

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