Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Much, Much Lighter Topics

I attended my first Penguins hockey game in almost three years (stupid lockout/strike) last night as the Pens defeated the Capitals. What a fantastic game! The Penguins were kind enough to spot the Capitals a four goal lead before tying the game and then winning in the shootout. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin for the Pens and Alexander Ovechkin for the Caps are a lot of fun to watch and will be for many years to come.

Here are some leftovers from the Jacksonville trip:

* I need to apologize to Dan Reeves, who I saw in the Jacksonville airport. When talking to the guy next to me in the security line, I said that he does Cialis commercials. He actually does commercials for Zocor, a heart medication. That's a big difference.

* I don't care if they have been around for 40 years. Huddle House has to be a knock-off of Waffle House, right?

* Parades are nice. You can see marching bands, some celebrities, mascots and more. With that said, unless there is a special "light" parade (like the parades at Disney), a community should not have a parade at night.


Beakerz said...

I'm still pissed that they traded Jeff Halpern. Bet that comes back to haunt us

Sean said...

Olaf Kolzig, is that you? :)

Halpern is a decent player but he's not going to make or break the Caps season. Of course it's nice having a hometown guy (Halpern is from Potomac, MD) on your team.

Anonymous said...

PARADES ARE NOT NICE. Parades are among the worst abominations known to man. They block traffic, get in people's way and are utterly worthless. You stand around to watch people walk (or drive, or float) past you. It is absolutely the biggest waste of time known to man.

I despise parades.

Sean said...

Gobo - I didn't realize how much hatred you have during parades. Think of the thousands of former high school kids (including my brother) who can say they played in the marching band for the Macy's Day Parade. The Rose Parade is always fun to watch on TV.

Even if you're still against all of these parades, will you at least concede that the Steelers Super Bowl Parade was OK?

Anonymous said...

No, the Super Bowl parade was not OK. They should have just had a rally inside Heinz Field. Then it would have been out of everybody's way.

I don't mean to offend anyone who enjoys or participates in parades. I understand that many people like parades. But whenever I know there's one going on near me, I make it a point to get as far away as possible.