Friday, November 10, 2006


I may have done the dumbest thing ever in my life today. In fact, they should feature me in a commercial where I would get hit in the head by a Vonage box with the tag line "one smart decision among many, many stupid ones." I was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike less than 50 miles to Pittsburgh and 3.5 hours into my drive when I realized that I LEFT THE TICKETS TO THE STEELERS GAME IN MY KITCHEN IN VIRGINIA! My only thought was that #(&%, I'm going to have to turn around and drive back to Virginia. Of course, being on the PA Turnpike, I had to drive another 15 miles to actually get to an exit.

When I reached the exit, the phone calls began. I called my parents, who suggested that I call the Steelers. Fortunately, Joey Porter was not answering the phones. The ticket office asked if I was a season ticket-holder. Nope. However, the tickets were from a season ticket-holder. (Specifically, the tickets were a gift and came from a season ticket-holder. Does that make sense?) After about a dozen phone calls, the season ticket-holder (how many times can I use this phrase in a paragraph?) contacted the Steelers and I am OK. I have to go to a specific ticket window at Heinz Field, pay for the tickets, and when I get home, I will mail the original tickets for a refund.

The morale of the story is that I made a dumb move, but things will be OK. At least I realized the tickets were in Virginia today and not on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

wow - glad it all worked out - I probably would have said a lot more than #)&% !! Hope you enjoy the game Sunday!

Sean said...

After the initial reaction that I left the tickets at home, I was surprisingly calm. I guess that happens with the realization that I screwed up badly and it was my responsibility to try and make things right (which in my mind was that I would be driving an extra 7-8 hours). Just for all this, the Steelers better win on Sunday.

It would also be nice if Ithaca and beat Cortland today in the Cortaca Jug game!

Andy said...
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Andy said...

Man, this story was a nail biter! But, I'm glad that it all worked out. And, seeing that I just checked the score and it looks as though the Steelers will hang on for a victory, all the better. (I hope that I didn't just jinx things.)

BTW, despite what Vonage says, getting Vonage is among one of the stupidest things I've done. The service never worked well for us, and a few weeks ago we dumped it for Verizon.

Sorry we missed you an Pam this weekend! We'll be back soon enough, I'm sure.