Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fun Links

Here are some fun links if you are looking for something to do besides (or during) "Dancing With The Stars."

What American accent do you have? Click here, answer about 15 questions and get your result. Apparently, I have a Midland accent, which means I am from Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois or Missouri. That is true. One flaw in the quiz...there is not a category for a Pittsburgh accent.

Have you ever wondered who is your celebrity match? All you need to do is enter your birth date and the site gives you five matches. Here are my celebrity matches:
- Miriam Pielhau (No idea who she is)
- Christina Aguilera (I always thought we had a connection)
- Lisa Snowdon (The name was familiar but I didn't know why. She was the host of VH1's "Rock the House" and the BBC's "Top of the Pops" so that may be it. I guess she was also involved with George Clooney.)
- Cat Deeley (No clue)
- Amy Jo Johnson (She was the pink Power Ranger and I always thought she was cute. I don't think she's done much since leaving "Felicity" except for being on the pilot of "What About Brian." If she was still on the show, maybe the ratings would be better.)

I love fantasy leagues. I've written endlessly about fantasy baseball, football and television. Here is a new league that I probably won't enter: Fantasy Congress.


Nick said...

Cat Deely is/was the host of "So You Think You Can Dance."

Sean said...

Thanks Nick.

Andy said...

Somehow I wound up with the "Inland North" on the accent quiz, implying that I was from Wisconsin or Chicago. But that was closely followed by Philadelphia (!) and the Northeast.

Anonymous said...

I had a Midland accent too, which I find strange, since I don't think you and I have the same accent at all...

Messiah said...

I also had Midland, so it was right about that. It was also doubly-right with it's 2d place choice of West, which is where I lived before becoming a Midlander.

My clebrity matches were: Inma del Moral, Chloe Sevigny, Leslie Bibb, Leila Tong, Lila McCann. I only know Sevigny, who I usually find repulsive, and Bibb, who I think was Ricky Bobby's wife. No clue on the others.

Nick said...

Mine was Monica Lewinsky! (I hate this quiz)

Sean said...

Andy - you did attend the wedding with John Stamos in Chicago, so maybe that had an effect on your accent.

Amy - Are our accents that much different? Maryland could be part of the Midland, I guess.

Matt - I did some research for you. Yes, Leslie Bibb was Mrs. Ricky Bobby. Lila McCann was in one episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. I wonder if that means that someone could have Jason as their celebrity match.

Nick - Sorry.