Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November Referrals

I don't want to watch the Madonna concert special or pack for my trip home, so I though I would share this month’s referrals with everyone. For the new readers out there, I borrowed this referral idea from Sarah. These are real searches (usually from Yahoo or Google) that people used to find and visit this place.

dave wannstedt los lonely boys
I don’t see the connection unless Wannstedt is recruiting the Los Lonely Boys to play defense. Maybe they can stop the run.

lip incompletion surgery
Wouldn’t you want lip completion surgery instead?

star of quaker
I’ll go with William Penn since he is the most famous Quaker I can think of. It’s good to know that I remember something about Pennsylvania state history from elementary school.

lyrics crocodile dundee down under
That’s not a knife!

Who is shorty in Las Vegas
I think this is a reference to the mother of Flavor Flav’s next child. I guess what happens in Vegas…

jamal lewis's amusement park
Watch the roller coaster go up and up and up as Lewis runs for 2,000 yards in a season. Uh oh…Jamal Lewis goes to jail, so the roller coaster plummets downward.

tone loc funky col medina lyrics
I think it’s actually Funky Cold Medina, but that’s OK. The one line I remember was "I went up to this girl. She said Hi, my name Sheena. I thought she'd be good to go with a little funk cold medina." Plus there was something about the Love Connection.

Why football coaches don't wear suits
According to Bill Cowher, "I'm not a trendsetter with fashion statements." That doesn’t seem like a good reason. Cowher also said, "I just wear what they put in my locker." That seems more like it.

sitting on a woman's lap
I got nothing. What were you trying to find?

bendick olds
Don’t say Olds say Bendick Olds!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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