Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night

According to MSNBC, with 1% of the votes in, Ben Cardin will defeat Michael Steele for the open Senate seat in Maryland. While the result may not be a surprise, Steele is currently LEADING 55% to 43%!

With millions of votes still to be counted, I'll predict that the Democrats will take over the House while the Republicans will hold the Senate but only by a slight margin.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are equally concerned as to who is the better dancer: Mario Lopez, Emmitt Smith or Joey Lawrence.


Anonymous said...

Wrong. The f'ing Democrats won the Senate to. Thanks Virginia, thanks a lot. I cant believe that they made me vote in a church.

Sean said...

As a Virginian, you're welcome. If Allen didn't say "Macaca" who knows how things would have turned out.