Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday Video: Shake Break

My kids have been learning online for the last few months. For my kindergartener, Pedro Tulo, this means an hour with his teachers and class Monday through Thursday with separate assignments sent by the teachers online as well as packets mailed by the school district. After a bumpy (at best) start, it's actually gone pretty well. Kids are probably much better at adapting to changes like this than their parents!

Still, sitting for an hour in front of a screen can be difficult, particularly for Pedro Tulo who can struggle staying focused. Fortunately, the teacher knows this is true for most, if not all, kindergarten students, so she mixes things up. One of my personal favorites, or I mean, Pedro Tulo's favorites (fine it's my favorite) is the 1-minute shake break video she often plays when she knows that the kids need a change of pace.

I really need to do this play this video and jump and shake a few times a day myself. It's probably way more productive than checking out Twitter or Facebook!

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