Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Video: Pittsburgh Sports Faceoff

I'm a media superstar lately. I appeared on the Ya Jagoff! podcast a few weeks ago. Hundreds of thousands of people are reading my recent blog posts.* And now I competed on the second ever episode of Pittsburgh Sports Faceoff, a trivia game on Pittsburgh Sports Live. Matt Gajtka is the show's host and creator, and I faced off against Alan Saunders. I've read and followed both of their work for many years now (Alan actually wrote a guest post on my blog and participated in my 2020s predictions post), so it was cool meeting them in person (well via Zoom). I'll share some thoughts and spoilers below, but here's the video of the episode:

Based on the final question, Alan clearly deserved to win. With that written, there were several questions where Alan and I said our names at the same time. In all but one of these cases, Matt heard Alan's name first, and then Alan answered the question correctly. Would things have turned out differently if Matt heard my name first? Again, no because of the final question, but I would have got those right. Am I trying to create a fake controversy here? Maybe a little. Okay, yes. With the NFL not in season and the NHL not playing games, I just think we could have called the league offices in New York and/or Toronto for a final ruling!

One final note. After the taping of the episode ended, I stayed on Zoom to talk with Matt and Alan. During this time, I noticed that The Moose and Pedro Tulo were listening in, so I called them over to say hi. In the episode, I proudly mentioned that I'm still a Pittsburgh sports fan and even said that when I attend Washington Capitals games, it's generally against the Penguins, so I go to Pens games not Caps games. Sure enough, The Moose came over wearing a red Caps T-shirt that he sometimes wears to bed and that we got for free at a Caps booth at a local festival last spring. Embarrassing!

If you have a chance, check out future episodes of Pittsburgh Sports Faceoff and follow Matt and Alan on Twitter.

* This number may be off by several hundreds of thousands. 

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