Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Olympics Post

The 1984 summer Olympics in Los Angeles were huge across this country. I remember there being red, white, and blue everywhere, and I was completely caught up in the Olympic spirit. For me, everything was a chance to win a gold medal. The first three members of our family that touched the car: gold, silver, bronze. First one to sit down for dinner: gold, silver, and bronze. Interestingly, I always got the gold with my younger brother regularly earning a silver. My mom seemed to constantly finish in fourth. Perhaps she wasn't as patriotic as the rest of us!

Even before the Rio Olympics, my five year old (The Moose) was already very competitive. He loves playing card games or basketball on our mini hoop. He always wins (though sometimes not fairly). He'll race me up the steps and always shares what place he's in. For example, on weekend mornings, he is so proud to announce that he was the last to wake up. (You have no idea how much I want to win this particular competition!) Naturally, The Moose enjoys all of the Olympic competitions. After watching some preliminary swimming events, he created his own "pool."

According to The Moose, the swimming lanes are just like the Olympics because lane eight is closest to the screen. Apparently The Moose swims in lane 8 so everyone can see him. His brother (two year old Pedro Tulo) can't participate "because he's a baby." Oh, The Moose also shared that he's swimming for the gold because he is taking swimming lessons at Goldfish swim school.

If The Moose does make the Olympics some day, I look forward to NBC sharing this blog post. (I wonder if people in 2036 will know what a blog is.)

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