Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Video: I Want To Join Arizona State's Alpha Phi Sorority

What does going on a hot air balloon ride, learning to skateboard, taking a jeep tour in the Arizona desert, going on a helicopter ride, and paddleboarding have in common? These are all things that I never did in college. However, according to the following video, if I join Arizona State University's Alpha Phi sorority, it seems like I could do this every day!

If you weren't entertained enough by the video, I encourage you to check out the article and especially the comments on Inside Higher Ed. And yes, I realize that I'm probably the only non-academic or educational blogger that occasionally uses Inside Higher Ed for content.


Amy said...

If we adopt you, you could go to ASU for free (since Rob works there)!

Sean said...

I guess that means I'd need to start a doctoral program. I wonder if Alpha Phi is looking for a 41 year-old male in a doctoral program. Based on the video, I don't like my chances!