Friday, August 26, 2016

Ray Luzier Wears An Antonio Brown Jersey

It seems like only a week ago that Drake performed in Pittsburgh wearing both a Pens and Pirates jersey. Oh, it was only a week ago. Anyway, Ray Luzier is currently the drummer of the band Korn. On Thursday, the band performed at First Niagara Pavilion (it will always be Star Lake Amphitheater to me) outside Pittsburgh. Based on the title of this post you know what's going to happen next.

According to Wikipedia, Luzier was born in Pittsburgh and raised in West Newton, Pennsylvania, so wearing a Steelers jersey is definitely not a stretch. Luzier has also had a really good run as a musician. He played drums for David Lee Roth from 1997-2005 and has also performed with Stone Temple Pilots, KXM, and Army Of Anyone. Arguably more importantly, there's now a blog post about Luzier here on Sean's Ramblings!

Photo by @shootinthepuck

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