Thursday, August 18, 2016

Drake Wears A Pens Jersey (Updated)

We've seen Matisyahu wear a Pirates hat, Joey Fatone wear a Kennywood sweatshirt, Adam Levine in a Steelers T-shirt, and Fat Joe in a Pirates jersey. We've even seen Lady Gaga wave a Terrible Towel. So performing in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night, what would you expect Drake to wear?

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Drake knows how to work a crowd, and the Toronto superstar (and Maple Leafs fan) did it masterfully Wednesday night, arriving to a sold-out house sporting a Penguins jersey. He worked Pittsburgh into virtually every song, and when he ripped off the Pens gear, he had a Pirates Marte jersey underneath.

I was going to accuse Drake of pandering to the crowd (which is completely okay), but then I saw this from The Score.

Drake made the trip down from Canada to perform at the Consol Energy Center on Wednesday, where he received quite a gift from Alexa Lemieux, daughter of team owner and hockey legend Mario Lemieux.

A gift from Mario! How could he not wear a Pens jersey?

By the way, I haven't been able to find a picture of Drake in a Marte jersey. If you have one, please send it my way.

Finally, I like the fact that the Post-Gazette photographer of the first Drake photo is Rebecca Droke. I'd like to see more Droke Drake pics!

UPDATE So the Post-Gazette asked me to remove Droke's Drake picture. Basically, the picture was copywritten to the P-G and couldn't be reused without their permission. Permission meaning a minimum licensing fee for web use of $100. Therefore, Droke's Drake picture is gone and is now replaced with the picture tweeted by Consol Energy Center.

The second photo is from Instagram.


Unknown said...

Did the cease and desist letter say, "We're are writing this to you because, you used to call me on my cell phone.... etc, etc, etc?

Sean said...

Ha! In reality, I started from the bottom, and, well, I'm still at the bottom.