Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Katherine Heigl Likes Cat Litter

If Katherine Heigl wasn't an A-list celebrity about 8 years ago, she was on the high B+ list. Grey's Anatomy was the #1 show in the country, and Heigl was the star of Knocked Up (with Seth Rogan) and 27 Dresses (which I assume is a prequel to Sandra Bullock's 28 Days; I didn't see either movie). Heigl's career seems to have gone in a different direction lately. You probably already forgot about her role on NBC's cancelled show, State of Affairs, but she's back as you've never seen her before.

Yes, that is Heigl acting as a therapist in a Cat's Pride Cat Litter commercial. She also appeared in the coupon section from last Sunday's newspaper where you can get money off your purchase of Cat's Pride Cat Litter. As someone with a cat, I applaud Heigl's efforts in making sure people know the importance of good cat litter. And if you think I'm angling to appear in a sequel to this commercial, you're probably right.

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