Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dancing With Antonio Brown

My good friend Kim, AKA Sista K, has sent me weekly updates of Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown's performance on Dancing With The Stars. After several weeks of this, I thought perhaps Kim might want to share her thoughts about the show with the world (or the 10 people who still read my blog). So here's Kim's review of the April 25th episode:

Hello fans of Sean's Ramblings,

I have been gifted the opportunity to take over this blog to share my thoughts on the recent Dancing with the Stars (also known as DTWS) episode. Being a huge fan of dance, this show, and of course Sean, there is a lot on my mind to share.

So, why did Sean ask me to blog? (Sean's note: Besides the fact that I don't write as much as I used to and thought Kim would write a fun post about Antonio Brown & DWTS?) I think it might be because a certain star Wide Receiver of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mr. Antonio Brown, is currently on the show and we have been chatting about it. Little known fact, it might also be because Sean is also a huge fan of dance, as proven by his stellar performance in the Jazz Dance class we took together in college. So let's dive right into Mr. Boomin's performance on last night's show.

DWTS likes to have theme nights. (Monday) night was no different, and the theme was to recreate epic dances from movies and music videos. Antonio danced a jive to Footloose, from the movie by the same name. I must say - his flicks and kicks were on point, and he had charisma for days. Last week, the show knocked his lack of work ethic and even his own partner predicted they would not win the show. They had a heart-to-heart and apparently worked hard all week, because the dance was filled with energy and well executed dance moves. He got a 27 out of 30 and was not in the bottom 3. I predict Mr. Boomin' will make the finals on his natural dance ability, his giant smile and probably the huge "Stillers" fan base behind him.

Other notable performances were Von Miller and his recreation of the Michael Jackson "Bad" video, and Wayna Morris' (from Boyz II Men) absolutely spot on rendition of N'Sync's classic VMA performance of "Bye, Bye, Bye". Sean may recall me terrorizing him by replaying that song over and over on a road trip through Ohio many years ago. (I don't remember being terrorized by this song. I even liked the bye, bye, bye hand signals.)

(Go to about 2:45 to see the actual performance. You'll notice that Antonio did a really nice job of getting both feet inbounds during his dance.)

Next week we lose 2 couples on DWTS and I predict Paige VanZant and Kim Fields are probably not long for this show. Overall, this has been a great season of DWTS because there are so many talented celebrities and the pro dancer that usually makes the finals every season (Derek Hough) is not competing. Both of these factors plus Antonio's smile have made this a standout season.

Thanks again Sean for the opportunity - hope y'all watch next Monday!

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