Friday, April 29, 2016

It's Good To Be A Cleveland Browns Fan

With family and friends in South Florida, when the Steelers play the Miami Dolphins, I try to attend the games. Back in 2010, I went to the Steelers-Dolphins game and purchased group tickets since I knew enough people that also wanted to go. Back then, tickets cost $52 for the Upper End Zone seats. This was a higher price than other games that season since there was a higher demand for the Steelers game.

With the Steelers visiting the Dolphins again this fall, I've been in touch with my Dolphins group sales representative about tickets. (Yes, I have a Dolphins group sales representative...and he has called or emailed me almost every week over the past two months.) Just a few days ago, I received the actual ticket prices:

As you can see, tickets for the Steelers-Dolphins game is the most expensive game along with when the New England Patriots take their talents to South Florida. The same Upper End Zone seats are just about double from 6 years ago at $102. Throwing in airfare, I think $102 (plus parking, food, etc) might be too much for me for me this year.

However, the one thing I noticed is how inexpensive a ticket is to see the Dolphins host the Arizona Cardinals (coming off an NFC Championship game appearance), Tennessee Titans, and Cleveland Browns. These ticket prices probably make it the only time where you can say it is good to be a Browns fan! Of course, the big questions is will Miami and Cleveland fans both wear LeBron James jerseys to the game?

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