Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Trivia Tuesday

There hasn't been a Trivia Tuesday here in a while, and this one is unique. Your challenge is to answer these very random questions.

1. There's a singer-songwriter named George Ezra who has a hit song out now titled Budapest. This leads to an important question: Is Better Than Ezra better than George Ezra?

2. Not counting Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar (since it's their song), how many people can you identify in the Bad Blood video? I got two.

3. For (fantasy) baseball fans, who got the better of this deal? Owner A traded Mike Trout, Colin McHugh & Phil Hughes to Owner B for Clayton Kershaw, Starling Marte, Joakim Soria & James Shields.

4. Sporcle quiz time - Part I: Can you pick the 10 most populous US states in order from most populous to least? (I got an 8 out of 10.)

5. Sporcle quiz time - Part II: Can you name the Pittsburgh Pirates innings pitched leaders from 1985-2014? (I got a 17 out of 30).

6. Finally, what would be the perfect caption to this Getty picture of Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli? (via DK on Pittsburgh Sports)

As always please do not use the internet for assistance and leave any answers in the comments section below. Good luck!


Unknown said...

1. You have to go with Better than Ezra, since you know, it is in their name. Although I am desperately wanting a chance to go to Buddapest. Yep, that is a terrible joke.

2. I refuse to watch the video. Sorry.

3. I think Owner B, but I put a ton of stock in starting pitching.

4. Same as you, although the first time I attempted, my computer froze and before I could click the first one I clicked on North Carolina. I will not count that.

5. I got 19 of 30, I hope you got Jimmy Anderson. I should have had Esteban Loiaza or however it is spelled, I tried his name like three times, but must have spelled it wrong each time.

6. WOWWWWEEEEEE!!!! (I am keeping this PG, or at least keeping it to something from a Mel Brooks film)

Sean said...

Josh - I see what you did there by naming a Better Than Ezra song. Clever!
I missed both Anderson and Loiaza. I seemed to get all of the pitchers from the early 90s but completely forgot pitchers from 5 years ago.