Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sean's Mailbag

Bill Simmons, formerly of ESPN and Grantland, used to run entertaining mailbag columns. Since Simmons is no longer at ESPN, I thought I would try to fill the void based on questions I received on Twitter and in my email inbox.

Brad (laclips) - Are you going to answer questions on here?

By here, Brad meant Twitter. No, my replies cannot be limited to just 140 characters! (/Checks and sees that I still would have had 55 characters left if I did answer on Twitter)

Restore Lost Hair - Try This to Restore Your Hair Loss

Not a question, but it's like Restore Lost Hair really knows me! With that written, I'm fine with my current balding state. I think I would shave my head except that would take a lot of work to maintain no hair compared to limited hair. I already dislike shaving my face nearly everyday, so why would I want to shave my head too?

Jason the Sports 'Ace' - Hi there,

Bookies laugh when bettors win big time.. because they know that more and more people will play and eventually lose...


When they meet a guy who has a proven formula to win 9 out of 10 times...with close to zero risks...THEY PANIC...because 1000 people like this "expert" could take them out of business.

Again, I don't see a question here, but based on your email, it seems like bookies have a wide range of emotions. Who knew?

Trainers Quotes - How would YOU like to direct line through to the UK’s TOP Trainers – EVERY time they have a horse running…?

Every time might be a bit much. Maybe just occasionally.

How would YOU like to be a fly-on-the-wall at the UK’s TOP yards…?

There are about 7,000 other places where I would rather be a fly-on-the-wall than at the UK's top yards. The Oval Office would probably be at the top of this list. The office of Neal Huntington, the Pirates GM, would be up there too.

Alex - When my two year old points to his you-know-what and asks "what's that?", what should I say?

As a father of two young boys, I just go with penis. That sounds much better than saying pee-pee. Please note that I would have no idea how to answer this question if I had a daughter.

PGA Digital Golf Academy - Want even more golf instruction?

By more, you're assuming that I am currently receiving golf instruction. That would be false. But sure, golf instruction would be nice. My 25 year-old John Daly golf clubs would probably like to get out of the house.

PremierCareinBathing Promotion - Is a Walk-in Bathtub Right for You?

I'll go with no. I don't understand how the water will stay in the bathtub if you can walk right into it. Is there a door for the bathtub?

scclko2000 - Your wife will love your Big Unit

To Alex's question, I would not call your son's you-know-what a unit.

And yes, these are my readers.

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