Thursday, October 24, 2013

Superstition Question

Let's say that you are a fan of a particular sports team and have been your entire life. Although your team has struggled so far this season, the team looked better the past few weeks. Coincidentally (or maybe not!), the team is 2-0 when you wear a specific Louis Lipps jersey while watching the game, but 0-4 when you do not. Although you realize that this is completely irrational, a small part of you feels that perhaps you are partially, albeit at a minuscule level, responsible for the record disparity.

Let's also say that you have a work conference that will overlap with a game played by your team. While dress is casual, the expectation is to dress professionally. I, I mean you, would probably wear a sweater and jeans. However, do you wear your team's jersey to this meeting? Does that fact that you will likely not see much of the game impact the decision? (Basically, do I you need to wear the jersey during the entire game while also watching the game in order for the team to win?)

Additionally, after the meeting concludes, you are going on a staff development event which will likely overlap with the second half or at least the fourth quarter. There should be televisions at the venue, but would you look silly wearing a jersey in a city that is hundreds of miles from your team and has their own franchise?

While you think of a good response to include in the comments section below, let's have Stevie Wonder take it from here!

(How can you perform a song on Sesame Street and not have Cookie Monster or Big Bird dancing along?)


Eric Freed said...

I refuse to believe in superstitions related to sports teams despite the fact that I wear a white Heath Miller jersey for Steelers road games and a black Troy Polamalu jersey for Steelers home games, and I never wear my black Big Ben jersey since his legal troubles, and the team wins or loses regardless of which jersey I wear, except my black Jack Lambert jersey, which I never wear on game days.

I also think that is the BEST rendition of Superstition that Stevie and his band have ever done, despite the absence of any muppets.

Eric Freed said...

PS - Baseball is totally different. I found out this year that, when I wear my Neil Walker jersey, the Bucs win their playoff series, and when I wear my Brian Giles jersey, they lose. My conclusion is that the current Pirates give the team a better chance to win than the old Pirates.

Sean said...

Thanks Eric. Well, I wore my Louis Lipps jersey yesterday and the Steelers lost. The jersey is now just one less item I'll pack for my trip.

I wonder if Stevie or his manager told Sesame Street that he would be happy to perform but no muppets allowed.