Monday, October 28, 2013

Sex Kitten

Like everyone else in the world, I receive Spam messages. While most of these messages find their way into the Spam folders, occasionally, some wind up in my Inbox like this recent message from someone called SexKitten.

Noticed your facebook profile and thought you were cute.
I would LOVE to chat with you on YAHOO messenger!
My screename there is swimmerchickyfy addme to chat i'm online now :)


Here are my thoughts about this e-mail:

- Am I supposed to be attracted to or interested in someone with the name SexKitten? You could use cute, adorable, fun and numerous others adjectives to describe a kitten, but sex or sexy wouldn't be one of them. Now if this message was intended for Ziggy, I would understand (except for the fact that he was neutered years ago).

(Any excuse to share this picture of Ziggy as a kitten is welcome!)

- That's nice of you, um sexkitten, to notice my Facebook profile. Of course I look cute since I'm holding my son who was probably about 18 months in the picture. His cuteness clearly rubs off of me in the picture.

- Chat on Yahoo messenger? Does anyone actually use that?

- I'm confused. Is she swimmerchickyfy or sexkitten? From my experience, cats/kittens don't like water. Perhaps if they are trying to attack a swimming chick though they might get wet, but I don't see a connection here.

- xo? xo? How about jk or, well, or? Why not ox? Paul Bunyan likes oxen.

Clearly, swimmerchickyfy/sexkitten writes significantly less than my last admirer, Adriana.

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