Thursday, June 27, 2013

TMI Thursday: Mistresses

My first celebrity crush was either on Debbie Gibson (as I wrote two years ago) or Alyssa Milano. Amazingly, in the 8+ years of writing Sean’s Ramblings, I’ve only mentioned my crush of Alyssa (we’re on a first name basis) once and that was in the Debbie Gibson post. We all watched Alyssa as Sam on Who’s The Boss and saw her mature from a child to an attractive teenager. I clearly remember an episode where a guy kissed Alyssa as he taught her yoga. I envisioned this same scenario for my first kiss, but followed Doogie Howser’s model instead.

Anyway, Alyssa moved on from Who’s The Boss to some terrible movies in the 90s until eventually settling into roles on television shows Melrose Place and Charmed. I don’t think I ever saw her in either of these shows. Meanwhile, Alyssa had a short marriage with a guy from the band Remy Zero and then turned her attention to baseball: dating baseball players, writing a baseball blog and designing women’s clothing for baseball fans.

For the most part, she’s been off my radar until recently when ABC started showing promos for the new series Mistresses. Seeing Alyssa wearing attractive outfits in the commercials, I decided to give the show a chance. Yes, I’m watching the TV show Mistresses. Actually, I watched the TV show Mistresses. I saw the pilot which wasn’t very good. Then, I thought I would give the show another chance, so I watched the second episode. Despite several scenes with Alyssa wearing suggestive outfits, that isn’t enough for me to continue watching the show. Oh well. I guess I’ll share another picture of Alyssa instead.


Harvey said...
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Sean said...

I deleted Harvey's comment since I don't want my child's name on this blog. Here is the revised comment:

Great blog & a great choice for a childhood crush. She stands the test of time very well.
Previously, I had said that your post on [your son] was your best ever. Well, you've now topped it. First with the subject matter (Alyssa MIlano). Then, with the photos (Alyssa Milano). Best blog ever Sean. : )

Sean said...

Harvey - I try to keep this a family-friendly(ish) blog so I could have selected much more revealing photos on Alyssa Milano (just type Alyssa Milano into Google Images to see the results). I still like the ones I included here though.

Harvey said...

Sorry about the name. I understand. : )

The pics you posted are just fine. Don't need the revealing pics for a woman to be beautiful / hot. : )