Monday, June 24, 2013

Sally Wiggin

Sally Wiggin has worked at Pittsburgh's WTAE since 1980 spending most (if not all) of that time as a news anchor. Wiggin recently announced that she is leaving the anchor desk to host the ongoing series of one-hour prime-time news specials, "WTAE Chronicle." Wiggin's announcement got me thinking. Is she the #1 seed when it comes to female newscasters in Pittsburgh history? Unless I'm missing someone (which is completely likely since I haven't actually lived in Pittsburgh for 15+ years), the only possible challenger to Wiggin is the late Patti Burns. Fairly or unfairly, I always thought that Burns as a legacy based on her father's tenure at KDKA.

While Wiggin is not retiring, so this isn't an end of an era story, do you have a favorite moment of her career? My top moment is from 1994 (I believe) when she carried the entire the Friday night newscast when Don Cannon showed up drunk. I don't think Cannon said an entire word during the entire 30 minutes. Although this video is not online (I really hope WTAE shares this video someday) and she wasn't asked about Cannon in the WQED interview below, here are some of Wiggin's top moments.

(Wiggin singing at about the 47 second mark.)

(If you're not from Pittsburgh, I completely understand if you skip this post.)

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