Friday, June 21, 2013

$450 Shorts! (Sean On Fashion)

Today's Express featured former(?) Georgetown University student and soon-to-be NBA player Otto Porter. One page discussed why Porter would make an excellent pick for the Washington Wizards while the second page showed Porter at a fashion shoot.

Let's take a closer look at Porter's outfit. From the comments on a previous post, I learned that spending $195 for a shirt is nothing. From the Great Belt Search of 2012, $52 for a belt is more than what I'm willing to pay, but reasonable. I have no idea of the going rate for a leather bracelet, so $115 might be appropriate. However, spending $450 for a pair of pink linen shorts seems ridiculous. Unless shorts were made of gold, why would someone pay so much for shorts? You're not going to wear shorts for a job interview or a wedding. Perhaps you might wear shorts at a golf course to impress a client, but wouldn't a pair of shorts that cost $50 or even $100 be sufficient?

You'll be happy to know that Porter is wearing his own shoes.


Harvey said...

1st off - $450 for shorts is ridiculous. And, that tells you the mindset of todays athlete / celebrity.
2nd off - shorts at a wedding are acceptable, when said wedding is held on the beach & the invite states, "casual beach wear - no swim suits / bikini's". That's actually what Dawn wants ours to be. Comfortable & on the beach.
3rd off - $52 for a belt? Ouch!

Sean said...

Harvey - I think there is very little chance Porter owns those shorts unless the folks at the fashion shoot actually gave them to him. To your second point, shorts at a casual beach wedding is an exception and sounds like fun. (Even though I don't know Dawn, feel free to invite me!)

Finally, I wouldn't pay $52 for a belt, but it is much better than $450 for shorts!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure he didn't provide any of the clothing! Its a professional photo shoot most have a wardrobe picked out for them already. And so what if he would have bought the outfit he earned his money so he has the right to do whatever he likes!!!