Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Joey Fatone At Kennywood

Although Joey Fatone would probably jump at the opportunity for an 'N Sync reunion (although Justin Timberlake would probably earn 75% of the tour revenue), he's had a pretty good career since his boy band days. Fatone appeared on Dancing With the Stars, hosted several television shows including NBC's The Singing Bee and now stars in the musical 42nd Street. On his day off from performing the musical at Pittsburgh's Benedum Center, Fatone did what any normal person visiting Pittsburgh would do...go to Kennywood!

Kennywood Day was such a big deal as a kid that you planned what to wear days if not weeks in advance. (I remember once wearing a matching Pittsburgh Pirates T-shirt and shorts outfit that I debuted specifically for Kennywood.) Apparently, Fatone simply went to the merchandise store to buy a Kennywood sweatshirt.

(The first picture is by my friend Jill; the second one is from Joey Fatone's Twitter page.)

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