Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sean On Fashion: How Do You Wear a Scarf?

Temperatures reached the teens in DC yesterday, the coldest it has been here in two years. In other words, it is freaking freezing! (Now I wait for comments from people in Minnesota and Canada telling me that 17 degrees isn't cold.) Despite growing up in Pittsburgh, going to school in upstate New York and spending the past 12+ years in Columbus and DC, places not to be confused with tropical islands, I never owned a scarf before purchasing one last year. When I brought out my scarf yesterday, I simply put it around my neck with the sides hanging equally outside my jacket. When it got windy, I took one end and threw it around my neck meaning that the scarf was extremely uneven - one side ended around my waste, the other just past my shoulder. While I'm probably doing a terrible job describing this, I feel like this is not the proper way to wear a scarf. Although my main priority is to try to not freeze or to drop or lose the scarf. do you have any suggestions as to how to wear a scarf?

Please tell me that this isn't the expected scarf look.

In case your wondering, I wrote about scarves nearly six years ago. I am on the cutting edge of fashion!

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Unknown said...

For questions such as these, I often turn to the excellent Art of Manliness. Here is their screed on scarves: