Monday, January 28, 2013

Addicted To SongPop

I'd like to thank the creators of SongPop for making a game just for me. Sure, several million other people play, but I'm sure they designed the game with me in mind. If you're not familiar with SongPop, you challenge a friend/random person to guess the song titles and/or artists of five songs. While I still don't completely understand the scoring system, essentially, whoever guesses the answers correctly in the shortest amount of time wins. Whoever has the most wins in these match-ups wins for the week. Therefore, if someone challenges me in a category that's clearly not my strength like House or Musicals,* I could lose that individual match-up but still win the week.

Here is my record since I started playing:

Week 1: 14-2
Week 2: 10-4
Week 3: 12-5
Week 4: 8-5
Week 5: 11-3
Week 6: 10-3
Week 7: 12-1
Week 8: 9-4
Week 9: 12-2
Week 10: 13-3
Week 11: 11-3

I dominate this game. Basically, I'm the 1970s Steelers. Sure, I have some very competitive matches (especially against Kenny, Nichole & Deborah), but otherwise I'm accustomed to winning. However, I do have a nemesis. A person who is my kryptonite. His name is James. Not only is James a Jeopardy champion and a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Hall of Fame, but he also knows his music. My individual match record against James is a pathetic 15-51. At this point, I think this might be mental. I feel like I need to have a perfect game to defeat James. One mistake and it's over.

While I struggle to find a way to beat James, if you're on Facebook, feel free to challenge me on SongPop. Of course, I'll probably need to upgrade to VIP status, so maybe SongPop will see this blog post and grant me free VIP status for a year!

* I love when I win in Musicals. Folks challenge me thinking that they will have an easy win, but surprise, I know the music from Phantom of the Opera. Take that!


Amy said...

Here is a thing about the scoring:

Are those records # of people won/lost against each week, or # of games played and record?

Sean said...

Amy - Thanks for the scoring info. The records are my actual weekly records. For example, in week 1, I played against 16 people and won 14 of the 16 matches. The only individual won/lost record I shared in my match with James.