Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Sean’s Ramblings Visitors

Have you ever wondered who visits Sean's Ramblings and how they found this blog? No? Really, it's just me? Well, here is 2012 data of Sean's Ramblings visitors and how people find this blog through internet searches.

1. Pittsburgh, PA

2. New York, NY

3. Washington, DC

4. London, United Kingdom

5. Chicago, IL

6. Chantilly, VA

7. Philadelphia, PA

8. Elizabeth, NJ

9. Bethesda, MD

10. (tie) Baltimore, MD & Arlington, VA

Pittsburgh-New York-Washington earn the top three spots for the third consecutive year. London finished in fourth which is the highest ranking for a non-United States City since San-Ch’Ung, Taiwan finished third in 2009. I expect London to fight for one of the top spots next year as a result of my coverage of the Steelers game there. Maybe I'll even go to London to cover the game live!

Now for the top referrals of 2012:

1. Seans Ramblings

2. Ricardo Blas Jr

3. LeBron James

4. Ben Roethlisberger house

5. Erica Blasberg

6. Corduroys

7. Jaromir Jagr

8. Songs with alcohol in the title

9. Songs with beer in the title

10. Why do people hate Hillary Clinton

"Pittsburgh Steelers Mascot," which was #1 last year fell out of the top ten. Steely McBeam is not happy. Meanwhile, congratulations to Ric Blas for being #2 on this list. Good guy who performed very well at the London Olympics. I need to catch up with him soon for a return appearance here.

Thanks again to everyone for visiting this blog in 2012! I hope to see you here in 2013 too!

If you’re interested in seeing the search and location statistics for the previous three years, click here.

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