Thursday, December 06, 2012

Homeowners Association Drama

I live in a community within a community. This is often nice since the smaller community takes care of the trash, landscaping, etc. while the larger community has a pool and fitness center. Unfortunately, this also means two different homeowner association fees. Anyway, the smaller of the two communities held its annual meeting last night where there was a power struggle on the Board. As a result, each home received this notice printed on pink on their door yesterday morning which I will share without comment. (The reference to the "P" board is the larger of the two communities.)

Ooooooh, I really want to comment. Can I comment? I said that I wouldn’t, so I won’t. Although I was unable to attend this meeting, it turns out that Elizabeth lost in what was an unprecedented full house for our homeowners association. My guess is that these flyers did not help her cause.

As perhaps a move of reconciliation, the new Board sent an e-mail out last night to help encourage Elizabeth "to continue her valuable contributions and service" on the "P" Board.

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