Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trivia Tuesday: Ohio State Edition

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About eight or nine years ago, a friend gave me a set of Ohio State Tailgate Trivia cards which have sat in the passenger side door pocket of my car for those eight or nine years. I figure that it’s about time to throw these away, but I might as well get some use out of these cards before they go. Please note that these questions are through the 2002 season, so Terrelle Pryor or Beanie Wells cannot be the correct answers.

1. What professional team drafted Cris Carter?

2. Who holds the Ohio State record for the most yards rushing in a game?

3. In what year did Ohio Stadium open? (1922, 1932 or 1942)

4. Who holds the Ohio State career record for the most yards rushing?

5. What professional team drafted Eddie George?

6. What position did All-American Tom Tupa play in 1987?

7. What former Pittsburgh Steeler holds the Ohio State season record for the most quarterback sacks?

8. Who holds the Ohio State career record for the most solo tackles?

9. Who holds the Ohio State career record for the most yards receiving?

10. Who is the most recent Ohio State player to win the Heisman Trophy? (This question is not from Tailgate Trivia.)

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section below and do not use the internet for assistance. Good luck!


Nichole Fisher said...

I am a terrible alum - while a huge fan, I know the answers to 0 of these questions.

Harvey said...

1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Woody Hayes
3. Woody Hayes
4. Woody Hayes
5. Houston Oilers
6. QB
7. Woody Hayes
8. Ooh, I know this one. It was that guy. You know, that guy. I do know this one, just can't recall the name. Partial credit?
9. Ted Ginn Jr.
10. Woody Hayes

Sean said...

Harvey - You got questions 1 & 5 correct, and I will give you partial credit for 8.

Nichole - I hope none of these questions were on Jeopardy.

Harvey said...

Tom Tupa - Punter?

Unknown said...

1 Eagles whereBuddy Ryan said all he does is catch touchdowns.
2. Someone broke Keith Byars record was it Eddie George?
3. 1922
4. Two time Heisman winner Archie Griffen
5. Houston Oilers and I want to hear you sing their fight song
6 QB / punter
7 Ready Willing Mike Vrable - go two stories for you I can't post SJ
8 speilman?
9 Galloway?
10 Troy Smith

Sean said...

Nice job Rob. Even though you put question marks next to many of your answers, they were all correct.

Tom Tupa was an All-American punter (Harvey got this one).