Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who Is TJR?

I've written about Pitbull several times before, and "Mr. Worldwide" is back with a new single Don't Stop The Party featuring TJR. Instead of focusing on Pitbull, though, I want to know more about this TJR fellow. Specifically, what does TJR stand for? Theodore "Didn’t Have a Middle Name" Roosevelt? Teddy David Ruxpin? In addition, what does TJR look like? He may or may not be in this video, but I’m just not sure. (Please note that this video could be NSFW since there are scantily-clad* women and shirtless guys.)

I wish there was some way that we could identify TJR. Perhaps he could wear a shirt saying "I’m TJR" or hold a sign with the same message.

* Have you ever heard anyone say unscantily-clad?


Anonymous said...

Hi there :) (Sean, I presume?)

Take a look at 0:38. (and a few other moments in the video) That's TJR :) He's wearing a cap saying TJR. It's not a shirt or a sign, but it's a label of sorts.

Hope this clarifies it for you :)

PS Sorry, can't help you with what TJR stands for :/

Sean said...

Hi there. Anonymous, I presume? :)

My post had a bit of sarcasm as I thought it was funny that TJR wore a hat that says TJR. You just don't see many (any?) artists wear clothing with their names on them.