Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Hate College Football (Except When I Don’t)

It’s time for my annual college football rant, but with a slight twist this year. Yes, I’m actually giving credit to whoever finally organized and approved of a playoff system. Unfortunately, the system starting after the 2014 season doesn’t go far enough. There really should be 8 teams minimumly and ideally 16 teams instead of the 4 team playoff. What I find the most Ludacris

I mean ludicrous is the amount of time between the last “regular” season game, including the SEC Championship, and the National Championship game. Notre Dame won at USC on November 24th while Alabama defeated Georgia on December 1st. With the NCAA Championshp game taking place on January 7th, that is 44 and 37 days, respectively, between games. As a comparison, the NFL scheduled the AFC and NFC Championship games on January 20th. Using the same timeline, the Super Bowl would take place on February 26th. That just doesn’t make sense No other sport has such a large gap between the game prior to the Championship and the Championship. A 4-team playoff system won’t help this. I guess that we’re supposed to enjoy the other college football bowl games while we wait.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. Even though I dislike the current system, I will still participate in Ngewo’s Bowl Game Pick ‘Em and watch some of the bowl games.


Amy said...

I would bet the break is so that fans have enough time to schedule trips to see their favorite team in the bowl game. Not only that, but since it's over the holidays, those fans have more time off to be able to travel.

But I agree the span is too long. Maybe they could start the season later? But I guess they want to finish by the time finals, etc, come around.

Sean said...

Amy - Folks seem to go to the NCAA basketball tournament Final 4 only a week after the Elite 8 games. That doesn't seem to be a problem.