Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Links & Videos

I haven't shared links or videos for some time, so I hope that you enjoy these even if some links aren't very current.

- The A-Z guide of jumping on the Pittsburgh Pirates bandwagon. []

- Zoltan bonding brings Pirates fans together [Pirates Prospects]

- Mr. Brame took his son to his first professional baseball game. I'm looking forward to doing the same thing with my son in a few years. [Mr. Brame's Blog]

- This is a little dated, but Vice President Joe Biden danced the Hora. Sadly (or we're very grateful), there does not appear to be a video of this. [DCist]

- Video #1: I saw the musical 1776 a few months ago. If you've ever wanted to see the song "Lees of Old Virginia" from this show performed by My Little Pony, here's your chance:

h/t A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago

- Pitt Script, the runner-up in this year's Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament is no longer. Fortunately, the guys at Pitt Script aren't going away completely as they're joining another fine Pitt blog, Cardiac Hill. [Pitt Script]

- One of my favorite writers, Drew Magary, interviewed Justin Bieber. [GQ] & [Deadspin for the outtakes]

- Finally, if I ever create a bucket list, attending a live Australian Rules football game would be near the top. I just hope that the game I see has this much excitement.

h/t [Deadspin]

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