Monday, July 16, 2012

Greatest Stroller Ever

Folding strollers can be difficult, so what if a stroller folded itself. This is the Origami stroller by 4moms*

This amazing stroller automtically folds and unfolds, has daytime running lights and an LCD dashboard, and can charge your cell phone. So how much would you pay for this innovative stroller? $5000? $10,000?

I saw this stroller at a store for the low price of only $850. What a deal! Think about how many hours minutes seconds you can save by having a stroller that folds itself. Personally, if I'm going to spend that much on a stroller, I want the stroller to change diapers too and maybe ever write a few blog posts!

While I planned to show how silly it is to pay $850 for a stroller, I'm really impressed by the video. Plus, it looks like the American headquarters of 4moms is located in Pittsburgh, so I always want to support Pittsburgh companies. Therefore, I hope that you'll support 4moms too. I'm sure that they have products that don't automatically fold that cost less than $850!

* Apparently, the names Five Guys and Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place were taken.


Laurie said...

When I was pregnant, I just picked a stroller that looked decent at Target and we got it. After I had my kid I realized that strollers had become one of those lifestyle items, like some kind of silent signifier to let the other moms in your mom's group know what kind of a parent you are. My eyes just kind of glazed over anytime a playdate discussion veered towards stroller cup holders or running gait. That's when I realized that maybe starting a blog would be a better social outlet for me than a mom's group!

That being said, 4Moms is based out of Pittsburgh and I'm pretty sure they are a really big player in the high-end baby market so more power to them.

Sean said...

I completely understand the stroller conversations, and I'm not even in a mom's group. I completely don't understand paying $850 for a stroller. Seems crazy to me. And yes, I hope 4Moms does well!