Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Revisiting Cosi Prices

I regularly ate at Cosi during the early days of this blog thanks to $2 off coupons that appeared in The Washington Post’s Express every few weeks. There used to be days where I would pick up 5+ editions of the Express just for these coupons. The coupons stopped years ago, so I rarely eat at Cosi anymore since I generally pack my lunch or pick up food from other restaurants.

I visited Cosi recently to get a tuna sandwich which included tuna (obviously), romaine lettuce, tomatoes and the Cosi vinaigrette. The cost was $6.79 before tax. Unlike the old Tuna Cheddar sandwich that used to appear on the menu, I learned that getting cheese was an additional 75 cents for a total of $7.54. Meanwhile a Tuna Melt with the same ingredients (I think) cost $7.29 before tax. When I pointed this out to the cashier, she kindly charged me the tuna melt price.

I mention this since 5 years ago (this really must be one of the oldest continuous blogs), the tuna melt cost 40 cents more than the tuna cheddar sandwich. Why can’t Cosi charge the same thing for this sandwich regardless or whether or not it is toasted?

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