Monday, November 28, 2011

My Life

Time to vent and get some things on paper (well, the computer screen) rather than keeping everything inside which is what I usually do. I’m in a rut. My entire life consists of home and work. I guess that this is normal for most people, but really, there is nothing more to my life right now other than being at home and the office. My big field trips this weekend were grocery shopping at Wegmans and going to Home Depot to pick up light bulbs and a new air filter. Basically, I need some grown-up time. I love being a father, and I’m lucky to have such a wonderful kid. I just want to do something. I’m not talking about taking a weeklong European vacation (though that would be nice) or a weekend trip to Las Vegas (though that would be nice too). Maybe just dinner and a movie. Attending a play or musical would be fun. Just some type of adults-only activity and/or some me time.

I have more on my mind though. I’m still at a loss about what to do about our shower leak. I don’t see a scenario where we’re not going to have to pay thousands of more dollars to resolve this unless we simply decide to continue to not use the shower. The latest is that the leak seems to be gone based on the “work” done by the glass company. However, I’m not sure how to prove that the leak was their fault. In addition, I’m not sure how we can tell for certain that the leak is completely gone without ripping up the tile and/or carpet.

Plus, there’s a chance that my child is allergic to Ziggy. We’re going to set up an appointment to see an allergist soon, but I’m trying to avoid thinking about the possibility of having to find a new home for Ziggy. Since nothing else is going on in my life, the shower and the possible cat allergy dominate conversation.

Let’s just throw out some more stuff on my mind. Raising a child is expensive. My fantasy football teams are terrible. I feel really behind at work. That pretty much covers it. On the positive side, the Steelers won last night and Sidney Crosby is back!

I actually feel much better after writing all of this. Again, I just needed to vent. I'm also doing much better than Caps coach Bruce Boudreau!


Amy said...

I definitely also go through periods where I feel life is just very very routine. I have to force myself to plan SOME schedule changes or things to look forward to to keep my sanity. We just started a Sat night movie night where we switch off picking a movie to download and watch together after kids are asleep. Even little routine changes like meeting a friend for lunch or doing daycare dropoff instead of pickup help.

Sorry about the possible allergies. I understand :(.

Marc said...

Ugh, I know the feeling. Johanna and I find babysitting nights out at least every other weekend (and usually more) to be ESSENTIAL. It is the "adult time" we need to keep ourselves sane, keep a good relationship with each other (you know, actually love each other rather than a contractually obligated parenting partnership) and actually be decent parents who don't totally resent their kids. It's an added cost, and our finances are tight, but it just doesn't matter. It's as important as having clothes for the kids (and honestly, that's all hand-me-downs anyways!). We also cover each other to spend nights out individually. She actually has friends, though, and does this more than me, because adult men are incapable of making new friends.

Regarding the cat allergy, unless it's really serious, a daily dose of Zyrtek may take care of his symptoms. Eben's on massive daily doseage due to his myriad allergies and amazingly effective.

Not much too offer on your shower leak issue. How far up the company chain have you gone? It sounds like company #2 is the more at fault party to me. Being a general pain in the ass + threats of public disclosure might get you some attention.

Sean said...

Thanks Amy & Marc! I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. I also feel much better than I did when I originally wrote this post.

I'll probably share more about the possible allergies and shower issues later.