Friday, November 04, 2011

NFL Supports Breast Cancer Awareness for 31 Days Only

If you watched any football games over the past month, you probably noticed players wearing pink wristbands, gloves, hats, chin straps, and shoe laces while carrying pink towels. For all we know, the players even wore pink underwear. The reason for all of the pink was the NFL's campaign to promote October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the NFL’s press release describing the league’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities. The NFL is such a caring and supportive corporation!

Now that it is November, the NFL doesn’t want you to think about breast cancer awareness. According to Ed Bouchette of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "players also have been warned they are subject to fines if they continue to wear the pink (shoes, towels, gloves, etc) they sported during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October." So if you see Hines Ward dancing with a pink towel after making a big play against the Ravens this Sunday, you can expect Hines to receive a significant fine.

Of course, don't mind the NFL while it sells items on their website to help fight breast cancer.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Goodell is right about the fines going forward although I'm not so sure about what it says about the original month of support. First, what a hodge-podge of mixed pink shoes,socks, gloves,towels, even mouthguards, etc. It was a free for all for a month (1/4 of the reg-season)....And, I can't think of too many more ideas for a more sexist tribute...short of having the lingerie football league play at halftime. [Now hold on for a moment.]

Second, how does the NFL--granted a more/less exclusive governmental commercial status--support so openly one charity to the exclusion of others...and for a month?!? Okay, a bit rhetorical: Sure the NFL has its plan, makes its money from this cause or, at least, loses nothing. But with so many causes to support the question that begs: Why support Breast Cancer (every year) by altering uniforms, stadiums, even footballs....and especially for a month. Hold your comments for just another moment. Third, it is indisputable that many charities/causes are worthy of support. But let's take cancer, and specifically Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer kills 35-39k a year, 1/5 of those killed by lung cancer, only about 1/4 of those killed by Colon and digestive tract cancers, about the same as cancers of the testicular area and also the same as pancreatic cancer, and even cancers of women's sex organs approach the same death rate as breast cancer.

We also can talk all day about other worthy causes--medical related and otherwise--that impact multiples more people: 1) Various diseases--other than cancers, 2) Social Problems--e.g., abused children, 3) Serious Socio-economic Disparities, 4) Etc.,..., Etc.

But I understand that this is the NFL and entertainment: Still, why not a week (I won't be greedy) to commemorate the retired pro players and particuarly those (and their families) with special disabilities/needs. And, here's a promo: The NFL sells throwback jerseys with the names of the greats of the past--including some obscure players with specific disabilities. (Obviously, this wouldn't hurt relations with the player's union.)

So, let "us" go ahead next year and, perhaps, continue the pink movement but only for a week (okay two max). But the fans definitely deserve a better thought-out campaign denoting other, inarguably more worthwhile causes for such a fine organization as the NFL to openly support. (No need to issue blue, black, or yellow shoes and underwear ... just some good old off-field promotion.) ... In the meantime, no more pink please for the year, we all have a choice whether to watch the lingerie football league for more colorful entertainment.

Football Fan