Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hip, Attractive Extras Needed For Tom Cruise Movie

Since Josh dominated Trivia Tuesday, here’s a second post in the same day. Everyone that reads this blog is hip and attractive, so I have an opportunity for you via Nancy Mosser Casting.

We have a scene that is tentatively set to shoot on Wednesday, January 11th for the movie, "One Shot" starring Tom Cruise. We are going to be needing some hip, attractive Extras for a scene in a sportsbar. We are submitting pictures to the Director for consideration. If chosen, we would contact you closer to the date to let you know. Pay is minimum wage for the first 8 hours and time and a half after that. We never know a start time until the day before. It will shoot somewhere in the Pittsburgh area.

If you are interested in having your picture submitted to the Director, please EMAIL A RECENT PIC along with your NAME and PHONE NUMBER to oneshotextras@gmail.com ASAP. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME AND AGE IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL. The best pictures would be of you on a night out when you're dressed up. IF YOU HAVE BEEN SEEN ON CAMERA IN THIS FILM ALREADY, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOURSELF.

I'll look past the "we are going to be needing" line (how about "we will need"), but this sounds like a fun opportunity. If you end up working as an extra on this film, please let me know. I’d love to hear about your experiences, and you’re welcome to write a guest post about being in a scene with Dan favorite (if I remember correctly), Mr. Katie Holmes.

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Gilahi said...

I was an extra in "Patch Adams". It's an incredibly long, gruelling day in which you spend 6 of your 8 hours sitting around in the uncomfortable clothes they give you. Then you a minuscule check and you can't even see yourself in the film.

Hope this doesn't show up twice. Blogger ate my first comment.