Monday, November 14, 2011

Most Random Comment Ever

I’ve written this blog for nearly seven years now and over that time I’ve received many random comments on my blog posts. However, this comment from someone named Michelle, is likely the most random comment. Enjoy!

If this is SEAN from OTTAWA into AK's and a grandmother called FRAN...she would be devastated.
I have been trying to locate you and get you away from your parents as well as MATTHEW & CHRISTINE.
They are going to JAIL SEAN, if they are " lucky".
We want those under forty rehabilitated..and we know you begged my mother to take you when you were 12...she didn't because her marriage was terrible with SPIKE .
So, if this is not the SEAN, pass the message on ..he 's the the son of " RICK'S SETAIN".
I am going to help you and get leniency ..this should never have happened to all three of you.

Wow! In my nearly 1,900 blog posts, you’d think I would have made some reference about being from Ottawa at least a few times. Actually, there are probably several hundred posts where I write about being from Pittsburgh. I don’t even know where to start on the rest of this. Is Michelle trying to get me away from Matthew & Christine or them away from “my parents?” Who’s going to jail and why is it lucky that they are going there? Why am I actually passing this message on since this was not the SEAN?

Probably the most random part of this comment: it was made on my April 2008 post about my vacation to Seattle and Victoria.

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