Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Netflix Dexter Problem

This is my current Netflix queue:

I rolled through the first 2+ seasons of Dexter and have hit a bit of a snag. By "bit of a snag," I mean that there is a very long wait for season 3, disc 2 of Dexter even though there is no wait for any other DVD in the series. My initial thought was that there is something so spectacular on this DVD that everyone wants to keep it. After talking to folks who have seen these episodes, that's not the case. When I called Netflix, they indicated that Dexter is a popular series. They didn't sufficiently answer the question as to why this DVD has a very long wait while the other ones have no wait at all.

It turns out that there have been similar problems with this particular DVD for years. Not cool, Netflix, not cool. Can't you just order a few more DVDs from Showtime?


Noah said...

Sean, it won't matter anyway, since Netflix is taking Showtime shows off their service in the summer. Fortunately, there are other ways of viewing Dexter., for one. That's how I'm getting my fix

Henry Jorge said...

You could also watch all the episodes at:

Anonymous said...

Check your local library - I bet Season 3 is sitting in one of the nearby branches (or they could request it via ILL easily).

Anonymous said...

Same problem here in Seattle. The "Very Long Wait" stuff was getting old, so I called Customer Service. The rep told me she did not know why, but she did say she's fielded calls from several others with the same problem. She said they've ordered more, but it takes a while to get them into rotation. Uh...the link at Consumerist is from 2009, so this has been going on for two years?

The rep moved my request to the top of the queue, and now it says "Processing". Could it be that I just might be getting my Dexter fix by Friday?

Also, she noted that I've been a Netflix customer for years, and this was my first call to Customer Service. Do you suppose that fact has anything to do with it? I was just about to sign up for a free *ahem* Blockbuster trial just to watch this disc.