Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Links

The Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament has taken up much of my blogging time lately, so I'm a little behind in sharing links from around the web. Here are some great posts to start your week:

The Washington Post's fifth annual Peeps Diorama contest is underway. Photo entries are due next Monday, 3/14. [The Washington Post]

Virginia explains why people may have a good reason for leaving sporting events early. [That's Church]

Fascinating article about Charlie Sheen and his Babe Ruth World Series ring written by Pete Nash. Just as interesting is that Pete Nash was/is Pete Nice of Def Jam's 3rd Bass. (Remember Pop Goes the Weasel?) [Deadspin]

Even though I was disappointed that the Penguins lost to Toronto last week, this is such a great picture after the game-winning goal. [Yahoo's Puck Daddy]

Bill Simmons has a great take on the greed of the NFL owners. []

Ngewo writes where the characters from Dazed and Confused are now. Not the actors; the actual characters. [Ngewo's World]

An interesting take on Brandon Davies, BYU's Honor Code and possibly hypocrisy written by a BYU graduate. [Deadspin]

Have you seen Lionel Richie? [Sportsocracy]

Finally, congratulations again to Pirates Prospects for winning the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament. If you don't read the blog, I highly encourage you to do so. Pirates Prospects was already a great blog and then they added the guys from Pittsburgh Lumber Co. Check out the blog all season (and off-season) long. [Pirates Prospects]


lacochran's evil twin said...

Ha! Love the Lionel Richie poster!

Sean said...

It is a cool poster, right?